Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

WIPO Copyright progress

William Lye has a comprehensive report on the conclusion of the latest round of WIPO’s Standing Committee on Copyright – a late agreement: to address a proposed treaty on copyright exceptions for visually impaired persons and others; and for renewed focus on the rights of audio-visual performances; and to continue discussion on the need to protect (badly misunderstood) broadcasters. William Lye’s report here; the Chairman’s draft conclusions here. The discussion.. Read More

Googling it …

From the blogsite: We started with a set of tough questions: Why do we have to live with divides between different types of communication — email versus chat, or conversations versus documents? Could a single communications model span all or most of the systems in use on the web today, in one smooth continuum? How simple could we make it? What if we tried designing a communications system that took.. Read More

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