Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Secrecy laws

The ALRC has released a discussion paper outlining 65 proposals: “to balance a growing commitment to increased openness and transparency in government with the legitimate need to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of some Commonwealth information.” Submissions should be made by a leisurely 7 August 2009. According to the Media Briefing: The chapters fall into four broad areas: concepts and comparisons; a general criminal secrecy offence; specific secrecy offences; and.. Read More

$80,000 (USD) per download

In case your newsfeed hasn’t beeped you, the jury in Minnesota has awarded the record companies US$1,920,000 against Jammie Thomas for her 24 infringing downloads. That’s right, $80,000 per infringement. The original award, which the judge quashed “sua sponte“, was “only” $220,000. Presumably, there are going to be some interesting motions “non obstante veredicto“? Evan Brown has some links. The Age (lid dip Matt Bromley). Howard predicts (hopes?) this is.. Read More

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