Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Secrecy laws

The ALRC has released a discussion paper outlining 65 proposals: “to balance a growing commitment to increased openness and transparency in government with the legitimate need to maintain the secrecy and confidentiality of some Commonwealth information.” Submissions should be made by a leisurely 7 August 2009. According to the Media Briefing: The chapters fall into four broad areas: concepts and comparisons; a general criminal secrecy offence; specific secrecy offences; and administrative duties, practices.. Read More

$80,000 (USD) per download

In case your newsfeed hasn’t beeped you, the jury in Minnesota has awarded the record companies US$1,920,000 against Jammie Thomas for her 24 infringing downloads. That’s right, $80,000 per infringement. The original award, which the judge quashed “sua sponte“, was “only” $220,000. Presumably, there are going to be some interesting motions “non obstante veredicto“? Evan Brown has some links. The Age (lid dip Matt Bromley). Howard predicts (hopes?) this is the end for.. Read More