Copyright fest in Melbourne

IPRIA and CMCL at Melbourne Uni. are holding a half-day forum on 18 March on: iiNet Larrikin (Down Under) Telstra v PDC Speakers are:   David Brennan, Melbourne Law School Melissa de Zwart, University of South Australia David Lindsay, Monash University Beth Webster, Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia Philip Williams, Frontier Economics Details and […]

No copyright in telephone directories DownUnder

Gordon J, sitting at first instance, has ruled that copyright does not subsist in Telstra’s White Pages directories or Yellow Pages directories confirming the revolution wrought by IceTV. There are 347 paragraphs and time does not permit careful analysis at this stage. According to the summary in [5]: For the reasons that follow, copyright does […]

Peer to patent Down Under

The pilot project being run be QUT, with support from New York University Law School and IP Australia is nearing the end of its first phase: there are a number of applications open for review until 9 March 2010. According to IP Australia The pilot has made a successful start, following its launch in December […]

New Chief Judge of the Federal Court

The Attorney-General has announced  that Justice Pat Keane will become the new Chief Justice of the Federal Court on the statutory retirement on 21 March of Chief JusticeMichael Black. Justice Keane is currently a Justice of Appeal in Queensland and will become the third Chief Justice. Announcement here. Lid dip: Peter Clarke

Coffee plungers, tea pots, designs and passing off

The Federal Court, Middleton J, has rejected Bodum’s allegations that the sale of the Baccarat Venice coffee plunger and Euroline’s Classic coffee plunger passed off Bodum’s Chambord coffee plunger or was otherwise misleading or deceptive; or Baccarat’s Devon teapot passed off Bodum’s Assam Tea Press or was otherwise misleading or deceptive. Playcorp Group of Companies […]

Larrikin Merry As It Can Be

While on the subject of Mars and darkened conference rooms, Men at Work have been found to infringe Larrikin’s copyright in Kookaburra Sits on the Old Gum Tree. It would seem (from newspaper reports) that 2 bars were a substantial part – shades of the old Colonel Bogey newsreel case. The video on the Age’s […]

ISPs, authorisation and copyright DownUnder

In case you have been on Mars, or locked in a conference room writing submissions, you have probably heard that the Federal Court has rejected the music industry’s attempt to impose liability on iiNet, and ISP, for copyright infringement by authorising the infringing activities of users of its network. Roadshow Films Pty Ltd v iiNet […]

Enforcement of PBR in Australia

ACIP has published its final report into the Enforcement of plant breeder’s rights in Australia. The report is here (pdf) – be warned 138pp, Exec Summary is 10pp. Some recommendations:   Recommendation 1. A new “purchase” right be added to s.11. This new right would only apply to those taxa that are specifically declared in the […]

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