Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Business method patents before the Commissioner

Patent Baristas has a guest post from Bill Bennett at Pizzeys considering the Deputy Commissioner’s recent rejection of the “Iowa Lottery” patent application. 1. A prize pool for a lottery game played among a plurality of member lotteries, at least two of which are from diverse jurisdictions, the prize pool comprising: a system of prize levels including a jackpot prize and at least first and second subordinate prizes; a super.. Read More

ACTA now finalised

According to this press release from Trade Minister Craig Emerson, ACTA was finalised overnight. A pdf of the finalised text (subject to legal review) may be downloaded here. DFAT’s previously advertised information sessions will apparently continue.

On the Contour of things

Further to my earlier post, Amanda Scardamaglia has a detailed consideration of the issues raised by Coca Cola’s pleading in the battle of the bottle shapes against Pepsi.

DFAT ACTA information sessions

DFAT is holding “information sessions” on the published ACTA text: on 12 November in Canberra on 18 November in Sydney on 24 November in Melbourne. For the email link to RSVP and further details, including a pdf of the Consolidated Text, go here.

A case of (un) parallel imports

BTB holds a licence to make and sell “Greg Norman” branded clothing in India from Greg Norman Collection Inc (GNC). GNC is the “head licensor” of the “Greg Norman” trade marks registered in, amongst other places, India and Australia. By clause 2.4 of the licence agreement, BTB agreed not to sell the branded clothing it made outside India without GNC’s consent: LICENSEE acknowledges that this License is limited to the.. Read More

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