Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2014

The Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2014 has been introduced with the proposed compulsory licence under the TRIPS Protocol for medicines and other reforms

An oro stamp and cinque stelle (or maybe not)

Do the Italian words “oro” and “cinque stelle” lack sufficient capacity to distinguish coffee in Australia to be registered as a trade mark?

Trade mark excellence

When choosing a trade mark, choose something allusive or suggestive: The owner of Dental Excellence loses his trade mark registration in a fight against south perth dental excellence

The (online) price of things in Australia

the Fairfax media claim that Australians are paying much higher prices for fashion from overseas chains than they charge in their online stores too. Apparently, up to 35% more ….

The statutory right to terminate a patent licence

MPEG LA licensed 3 groups of patents to Regency Media for the production of dvdd. After some, but not all, expired, Regency sought to exercise its rights under s 145 of the Patents Act 1990 to terminate ….

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