Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

US Supreme Court downs Aereo

The US Supreme Court has held (6:3) that Aereo infringes copyright by publicly performing the protected material.

ACIP on innovation patents

ACIP’s final report into Innovation Patents has been published.

More contempts

Besanko J has imposed fines ranging from $25,000 to $2,000 on Bob Jane and his companies for contempt of TM infringement injunctions

Alice Corp not patentable subject matter in the USA

The US Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that Alice Corporation’s claim to patent a computer-implemented method and system for exchanging obligations is not patentable subject matter under US law:

Is there a case for fair use? Lessons from the US – Seminar

Monash is holding a seminar on fair use: ‘Is there a case for fair use? Lessons from the US’, with the lead presenter being Prof. Geoffrey Scott from Penn State’s School of Law. Date: 2 July 25 June at 5:15pm. (Lid dip: Gerard Dalton) Venue: Monash University Law Chambers, Melbourne. Details and registration via here.

Carving up an uncertified halal butcher

Perram J has awarded $10 nominal damages for trade mark infringement against each of Scadilone, White Heaven and Quality Kebabs, but $91,015 additional damages against Quality Kebabs.

A patents case goes to the High Court

The High Court has granted special leave to Aspen Pharma to appeal from the Full Federal Court’s decision to allow Lundbeck to apply to extend the term of its patent 10 years late. The High Court was not interested at all in the exercise of the discretion to allow a 10 year extension. the question is whether a power to extend time exists at all.

Graduated response coming Down Under?

iiNet challenges Government’s development of an option to introduce “graduated response” for online piracy into Australian law.

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