Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

auDRP Overview

Prof Andrew Christie is launching the auDRP Overview, an analysis of decisions under the auDRP on Wednesday 27 August 2014 at 9:15am.

Five Judges speak with one voice on Australian Patent Law Construction and Fair Basis*

The Rosuvastatin case is that rare beast – a decision of a 5 member Full Bench of the Federal Court. It canvases many issues and, no doubt, we shall be picking over it for years to come. Susan Gatford, at the Victorian Bar, has kindly provided a guest post on the section 40 issues.

Additional damages are procedural …

Perram J has ruled that additional damages can be awarded for conduct occurring before the statutory power was inserted in the Trade Marks Act.

The rosuvastatin patents are still invalid

The 5 member Full Bench of the Federal Court has dismissed AstraZeneca’s appeal in the “rosuvastatin” case.

Patent application data in Australia

IP Australia has published a report on patent pendency in Australia

Copyright, ISPs and authorisation 2

The online copyright infringement discussion paper has been released officially.

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