Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Global Innovation Index

WIPO has published its annual global innovation index.

Productivity Commission to review all IP laws

Minister announce Productivity Commission to review Australia’s IP laws

IP Australia consults on red tape streamlining and costing

P Australia has issued consultation papers on removing red tape and other streamlining options

Computer Hacking and “property”

Downloading data from a computer system is not obtaining property

Review of Plant Breeder’s Rights Advisory Committee

IP Australia has published a consultation paper on how best to obtain advice currently sought through PBRAC

Something to think about in drafting an exclusive licence

The Full Court has held an exclusive licensee bound to keep paying costs of patent litigation even after the licence expired

Dr Gurry re-appointed

Last week, 8 May, WIPO’s General Assembly re-elected Dr Francis Gurry to a second 6 year term, beginning 1 October 2014 as Director-General of WIPO.

Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2014

The Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2014 has been introduced with the proposed compulsory licence under the TRIPS Protocol for medicines and other reforms

Securities over IP

Transition period to register security interest claims over IP expires on 31 January 2014

Summer must be over …

IP Australia has released a consultation paper, with draft exposure legislation, for an Intellectual Property Laws Amendment Bill 2014. Comments by 7 Feb 2014.