IPwars in Belorussia

Mr Bohdan Zograf has very kindly translated the IPwars post on Telstra v PDC into Belorussian for the benefit (one hopes) of everyone in Belorussia interested in IP!

Those of you with the appropriate linguistic skills can see it here.

Daily List

For those of you with an iPhone (and who practise in the Victorian courts) a free app with the daily court listings:

The Daily List

Lid dip: James McDougall.

Now, if only there were one that covered the Federal Court and the Federal Magistrates Court! (Yes, I know you can get them emailed automatically.)

Summer daze

IPwars has headed off for the summer sun.

Thank you for reading during the year, I hope you found something interesting and informative.

In the meantime, I wish you the compliments of the season and hope to see you again in the New Year (hopefully after Australia day celebrations).

Happy birthday to me

well, IPwars really.

Yes, six years ago today IPwars started rearranging electrons in the interstices of the interwebs (as some of our American cousins call them).

It’s rather hard to work out vital statistics since then as, for 4 years, IPwars was generated by the (now defunct) iBlog software before moving to WordPress.

It does seem that ‘Sounds Different’ was the burning issue that attracted the very first report. Understanding about that elusive concept, trade mark usage, has become sufficiently well understood in the intervening years that it was the subject of the ‘trade marks session’ at this year’s IPSANZ Annual Conference.

I (or perhaps that should be you) blame Marty Schwimmer, at the Trademark blog, Denise Howell and the others at (then) Between Lawyers, for inspiring me to venture into cyberspace.

Then, to those of you out there who read the posts, sometimes send my your own comments even occasionally become so outrageous as to post them publicly, thank you.


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300 years ago, today

copyright came into being – the Statute of Anne commenced –

See for yourself.

Of course, in 1710, Great Britain still operated on the Julian Calendar (the Gregorian calendar not being adopted until September 1752) 10 April 1710 in the Julian calendar would have been 21 April 1710 in the Gregorian calendar (using this calculator, or for those of you who remember fondly things like RPN, try here).

So, it seems we still have time to plan the party! Maybe we could combine it with the plastic-y world IP day celebrations on 26 April?

Lid dip: Kay Lam-MacLeod

The oldest Australian film

Last week, various news agencies carried reports about a showing of Australia’s oldest, or oldest surviving, film – Patineur Grotesque.

The story, with links to the video, at the ABC, the Age and the SMH. The curator’s clip and notes at Australian Screen.

It was made by Marius Sestier, on a mission from the Lumiere brothers, in 1896; but apparently not shown in Australia (for risk of defamation?).

Wikipedia lists it as one of 3 “first” Australian films. However, if the Age is to be believed, M. Sestier arrived in Australia with the new fangled invention only to find the pesky Rickard had already introduced the movies.

New Chief Judge of the Federal Court

The Attorney-General has announced  that Justice Pat Keane will become the new Chief Justice of the Federal Court on the statutory retirement on 21 March of Chief JusticeMichael Black.

Justice Keane is currently a Justice of Appeal in Queensland and will become the third Chief Justice.

Announcement here.

Lid dip: Peter Clarke


IPwars is heading off into the sun, sand and the salty brine. Blogging will hopefully resume “on or about” Australia Day … more likely “about”.

In the meantime

Wishing you all the Compliments of the Season!

and a happy, healthy and safe 2010.

IPwars and irregular posting

Due to the exigencies of my day job, it is unlikely that IPwars will be in a position to post with anything like a degree of frequency until after Cup Day.

Hope to see you at the other end of the tunnel!