Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

The Hague Agreement: a cost benefit analysis

IP Australia’s preliminary conclusion is that joing the Hague Agreement for the registration of designs will cost Australian consumers a lot more than Australian designers will benefit

The USA, China and the WTO dispute

The dispute resolution panel’s decision in the USA’s complaint against China’s rules on enforcement, “Measures affecting the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights” (DS362) (background here) has been published. There’s a range of commentary around the web.  The  IPKat reproduces the conclusions and, applying sophistaKatted Euro reading between the lines, scores it at 3-all. Intellectual Property Watch’s summary here.  According to the USTR, the US won. Not sure what has.. Read More

Trade mark dilution or well known trade marks

The European Court of Justice has handed down an important ruling clarifying aspects of trade mark dilution in the EU: Intel v CPM: IPkat’s comments here. Links to some other commentary here and the “Rapid Response” seminar power point slides via here. Art.4(4) of the Trade Marks Directive provides: 4.      Any Member State may furthermore provide that a trade mark shall not be registered or, if registered, shall.. Read More

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