Patents, copyright and competition

Judge Posner, one of the authors of the leading modern text on the economics of intellectual property (amongst many other things), has published a controversial blog post questioning whether patents and copyright law, but particularly patents, are granting excessive protection. Judge Posner accepts that patents for pharmaceuticals are the “poster child for patent protection”, but […]

More on new gTLDs

Further to yesterday’s post, ICANN has released: v4 of the draft Applicant’s Guidebook; and an Economic Framework for the Analysis of the Expansion of Generic Top-level Domain Names; and two “snapshots”. The materials are open for public comment until 21 July. Lid dip: Marty The Economic Framework and snapshots can be downloaded via here. Try […]

Harvard Bus School on the impact of file sharing

Felix Oberholzer-Gee at Harvard and Koleman Strauss at Uni. of Kansas take an empirical look at the effect of file sharing on copyright industries. They accept that file sharing has weakened copyright protection (although they are quite sceptical about the studies trying to prove this). They argue this is only part of the question, however, […]