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Selected microblog posts for week ending 21/8/09

RT @pofip: ACCC warns about questionable trade mark renewals http://bit.ly/4l8aO1 Our list is here:http://bit.ly/hnznh @nipper: Podcast debate on SCOTUS granting cert in Bilski (patent) case: http://bit.ly/1c4oaw wrothnie ACIP interim report on post grant patent enforcement strategies. Comments by 20 Sep 2009. 4 copy contact Jackie Carroll http://bit.ly/IoZcZ RT @TrademarkBlog: Link to text of Superman Decision: Creator’s Heirs Win Rights to Early Storieshttp://bit.ly/fTO00 wrothnie Seminar: 27 August 2009: Copyright Responsibility on the Internet – in Three.. Read More

Spam Act

Logan J has granted an interlocutory injunction under the Spam Act 2003, pending trial for civil penalties. Apart from the fact that cases under the Act are not exactly thick on the ground, the debate in the case really turned on: whether ACMA would be required to provide an undertaking as to damages – in the end, it wasn’t; whether the injunction should take the narrower form of undertakings proferred.. Read More

What the EU Commissioner said on the Internet and Downloading

Commissioner Reding, the EU’s Commissioner for information society and media, has attracted a degree of attention planning an overhaul of internet downloading rules. Her comments were part of a wide ranging speech on what the EU is doing and will be doing about broadband, access and …. So, what did she actually say? After identifying access to digital content as the first of 4 priority issues, Ms Reding said: 1… Read More

Linking to a website can incur $11,000 fine

Nic Suzor discusses the threat of an $11,000 a day fine if the EFA did not remove a link on its website to gruesome pictures of aborted foetuses i.e. R+ rated content and possible freedom of speech issues under the Constitution and the BSA: read here.

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