Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Inventive step standard

Tom Cordiner (from the Victorian Bar and a registered patent attorney) and Beth Webster (from IPRIA) are giving a seminar for IPRIA and IPTA on Raising the Inventive Step: A Look at the Issues: Brisbane on 18 May 2010 Sydney on 19 May 2010 Melbourne on 21 May 2010 The seminars are free and if you are subject to the continuing education requirements of the Professional Standards Board, the Queensland,.. Read More

Innovation review

I’m still wading my way through the Innovation Review. Meanwhile Duncan Bucknell is highly critical, particularly of recommendation 7.2: Recommendation 7.2: Patent law should be reviewed to ensure that the inventive steps required to qualify for patents are considerable, and that the resulting patents are well defined, so as to minimise litigation and maximise the scope for subsequent innovators. As Duncan points out, what does this actually mean?  Well, Ben Roxborough at IPRoo.. Read More

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