Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Crown use

No, it’s not the long awaited response to the CLRC’s report; instead, IP Australia and the Attorney-General’s Department have published an information sheet about Crown Use of intellectual property (in Australia). As you will already know all about this, it could be a useful starter for your clients. Read the glossy (pdf) here.

Landmarks in Australian IP

Dr Emmerson QC (who surely needs no introduction) is going to launch the new book edited by Andrew Kenyon, Megan Richardson and Sam Ricketson – all professors well known to you on 25 March 2009. Chapters include: Potter v Broken Hill: misuse of precedent in cross-border IP litigation by Richard Garnett; The Union Label case: an early Australian IP story by Sam Ricketson;  RPM for RPM: National Phonograph Company of Australia v.. Read More

IP mapping?

So I’m watching a clever YouTube which Josh Gans points out has been annoyingly marred by a running stream of “subscript” advertisements. On of the ads is for IP Mapping which seems like a clever description of patent searching. No doubt, I’m being a bit perfunctory here. Anyone know what I’m missing?

IP Professionals Forum

IP Austraia is seeking applications from registered patent attorneys and/or trade mark attorneys for appointment to its IP Professionals Forum. According to the blurb, the IP Professionals Forum: The IP Professionals Forum is the principal forum for consultation, discussion and information exchange on IP matters that relate to IP professionals. Meetings will allow for high-level discussion on IP policy, IP management, innovation and the broader IP environment, both in Australia.. Read More

the value of copyright: determining shadow prices

Ass. Prof. David Brennan and Dr Rhonda Smith will talk for IPRIA about how to determine a fair price for using IP where the IP owner can’t demonstrate any real harm. I think a situation like this is where an infringer makes sales of the infringing product, but the IP owner wouldn’t have made those sales and so didn’t “lose” anything. The talk if at Blake Dawson in the city.. Read More

University of WA v Gray (No. 24)

What do you do if you have an appeal on foot, but the other side starts selling off the subject matter of the dispute? Now that French J has gone on to loftier planes, Siopis J has inherited this behemmoth. In the principal proceedings, the University had sued Dr Gray claiming (in very broad terms) that he had invented some very successful the micro sphere technologies while an employee with.. Read More

Monopolies and IP round up

IPKat reviews 2 new texts on the “interface” between aspects of IP and anti-trust or competition and an economics “reader”: (1) Nuno Pires de Carvalho, TRIPS Regime of Antitrust and Undisclosed Information; and (2) Irina Haracoglou, Competition Law And Patents: a Follow-on Innovation Perspective in the Biopharmaceutical Industry; and (3) Robert P. Merges (ed), Economics Of Intellectual Property Law. IPKat’s review here, and the IP Dragon entices us with news of a new (1 August).. Read More

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