Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

AIPPI Sydney 2 – music and the digital revolution

The impact of the digital revolution on the music industry

De-linking intellectual property from exclusive rights

The videocast of the 3rd Annual Francis Gurry Lecture is now available: De-linking intellectual property from exclusive rights by James Love, Director, Knowledge Ecology Limited. The blurb says: The traditional justification for IP rights-atemporary monopoly to stimulate innovation and inverstment-is increasingly being questioned. If knowledge is more valuable when widely shared, and if freedom to use knowledge is socially and economically important, we need to de-link intellectual property protection from.. Read More

How much to pay for a music download?

The Canadian Federal Court of Appeal has ruled that no royalty is payable for downloads (should that be “streaming”?) of those 30 second previews of music. Apparently, it falls with the fair dealing provisions for “research”. The “1709” blog has the story. Meanwhile, last year, the Australian Copyright Tribunal accepted that music download services such as iTunes, Bigpond Music, Sony and Universal should pay composers a royalty of: the higher.. Read More

Harvard Bus School on the impact of file sharing

Felix Oberholzer-Gee at Harvard and Koleman Strauss at Uni. of Kansas take an empirical look at the effect of file sharing on copyright industries. They accept that file sharing has weakened copyright protection (although they are quite sceptical about the studies trying to prove this). They argue this is only part of the question, however, for policy-makers. They contend that, if the role of copyright is to provide incentives to.. Read More

YouTube and IP

Indications are that Universal Music is now making “tens of millions of dollars” from the use of its music on YouTube. Slightly different outcome to the apparently stalled Viacom approach to social networking sites? Concurrently, there are newspaper reports that the RIAA, famously suing grandparents and 12 years olds, may be changing its litigation strategy. Howard Knopf worries that this might be because “sweet heart” deals are being reached with.. Read More

The sky is falling

with apologies to Chief Vitalstatistix: ARIA’s half year figures for 2008 show that sales of recorded music are still falling – down 4% on the corresponding period last year. But guess what, the decline in sales of physical copies is almost all set off by the rise in digital sales: 12 million digital tracks up from 8 million for the 6 month period last year.   According to ARIA: “….. Read More

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