Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Jif Lemon comes to Australia

Would you mistake this: for this: If not, you’re too sophisticated. The Full Court (Greenwood and Tracey JJ, Buchanan J dissenting) has upheld Bodum’s appeal from Middleton J’s finding that the Euroline product was not likely to misrepresent an association with Bodum or its Chambord coffee plunger. Now, due to my involvement in the other case (which was not appealed), I cannot say much about this. I will draw your.. Read More

Apple v Samsung

Nilay Patel at Thisismynext.com has embarked on an in depth examination of Apple’s new court action against Samsung. Unlike the spectacularly unsuccessful war against Windows (based on copyright and ‘look and feel’), this action involves: * patents; * design patents; and * trade dress. The “thing that distinguishes this case from Apple’s other actions against other Android products is the trade dress component (and the piquancy of Samsung being a.. Read More

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