Mainly intellectual property (IP) issues Down Under

Anti-counterfeiting Down Under

The Feds (aka the Australian Federal Police in co-operation with Customs) executed 21 search warrants on 14 September and apparently Thousands of counterfeit goods were seized, including counterfeit computer software, CDs, DVDs and luxury items such as bags and jewellery. Lid dip: Marine Guillou. The AFP issued their own Media Release. In typically timely fashion, Stephen Stern will be giving a Tech IP Seminar: Australian Customs And Border Protection Service.. Read More

Talking head, animated slideshow

I am presenting the annual copyright update for the Victorian chapter of IPSANZ in Melbourne on 7 October at the RACV Club. Copyright – Selected Case Law Update 2010 Registration and details here.

Patents: IP Litigation in the Pharma Industry talk and Patenting by Entrepreneurs survey

Prof. Joel Bernstein from UWA and Ben Gurion University and Todd Shand, a partner at Wrays, will be giving a free seminar for IPRIA, IPTA and Knowledge Commercialisation Australia on: The Importance of Patents: IP Litigation in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Adelaide on 4 August Melbourne on 5 August Sydney on 6 August. Flyer here; online registration here. Not specifically pharma related, but Professor Robert Merges and Pamela Samuelson have.. Read More

Tobacco and trade marks seminars – the video

IPRIA held a public seminar on the Commonwealth Government’s proposals to ban the use of artwork and logos on cigaratte packaging. The video and Powerpoint packs are now online via here – Prof. Davison advises me that Videos 4 and 5 are the “legal” ones.

Tobacco and trade marks seminar

IPRIA is hosting a seminar on the Commonwealth Government’s announced intention to ban the use of artwork and logos on cigarette packaging. Speakers: Prof. Mark Davison Prof. John Freebairn, a professor of economics at Melbourne Uni Ass. Prof. Angela Paladino, who teaches in Marketing at Melbourne Uni (and is a recipient of over $2M in competitive funding) Tim Wilson, the Director of Intellectual Property and Free Trade unit at the.. Read More

Inventive step standard

Tom Cordiner (from the Victorian Bar and a registered patent attorney) and Beth Webster (from IPRIA) are giving a seminar for IPRIA and IPTA on Raising the Inventive Step: A Look at the Issues: Brisbane on 18 May 2010 Sydney on 19 May 2010 Melbourne on 21 May 2010 The seminars are free and if you are subject to the continuing education requirements of the Professional Standards Board, the Queensland,.. Read More

IPRIA Seminars

Prof. Ann Monotti and other experts will be talking about what University of Western Australia v Gray means for Universities in Melbourne on 17 November Brisbane on 23 November; and Perth on 20 November. Details and registration here. Judge Hiroki Morishita will be providing an Introduction to the High Court of Intellectual Property in Japan on 9 November in Melbourne. Details and registration here. And, if you’ve recovered from Oaks.. Read More

IPRIA, parallel imports

IPRIA has organised a seminar in Melbourne on 15 September and Sydney on 16 September to discuss whether freeing parallel imports will make books cheaper. Speakers include both Prof. Fels, who started it all, and Dr Rhonda Smith. Details from here. Has anyone established how far the prices of CDs and computer software fell once the markets for those products became open?

Selected microblog posts for week ending 21/8/09

RT @pofip: ACCC warns about questionable trade mark renewals http://bit.ly/4l8aO1 Our list is here:http://bit.ly/hnznh @nipper: Podcast debate on SCOTUS granting cert in Bilski (patent) case: http://bit.ly/1c4oaw wrothnie ACIP interim report on post grant patent enforcement strategies. Comments by 20 Sep 2009. 4 copy contact Jackie Carroll http://bit.ly/IoZcZ RT @TrademarkBlog: Link to text of Superman Decision: Creator’s Heirs Win Rights to Early Storieshttp://bit.ly/fTO00 wrothnie Seminar: 27 August 2009: Copyright Responsibility on the Internet – in Three.. Read More

IPRIA and gene patents

Kwanghiu Lim has posted a link to some video podcasts from IPRIA’s seminar on gene patenting here.

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