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Selected links from last (couple of) weeks

A selection of the links I found interesting over the last couple of weeks

Victoria Police use Facebook to serve intervention order

The Police’s own press release. All papers, including the interim intervention order, the extract, explanation and contacts were transcribed was typed out into private messages and sent to the respondents account.   A video was recorded of Leading Senior Constable Walton reading the Interim order to the accused, as if the Respondent was being directly spoken to – and served. It sounds like the order was for substituted service, after.. Read More

Electronic filing / service in the Office (IP Australia)

Patentology looks at the problems that arise with serving documents in Opposition proceedings before the Commissioner / Registrar (i.e. IP Australia) (a) electronically and (b) outside business hours. Obviously (well, not so obviously when you’re used to dealing with the pragmatic approach of the Federal Court), if the material is served outside business hours, it is not served until the next business day, but it may be even more complicated.. Read More

Served by Facebook 2 – updated with link

The press is reporting that a Federal Magistrate has allowed a child support application to be served on a “Mr Howard” by Facebook. Following service, “Mr Howard” shut down his Facebook and MySpace accounts. See the Age, Sydney Morning Herald. The reports say the judgment was published last month; but I haven’t found a link to it yet. Byrne & Howard [2010] FMCAfam 509 with thanks to David Starkoff (possibly.. Read More

Served by “Facebook”

Courts have apparently been allowing service of court documents by email and in at least one high profile case against a rugby player alleged to be in breach of his club contract by text message.  Now, for those of you looking for reports of the case where the Court allowed service by Facebook, try: here and here and here and here. Master Harper’s decision in MKM Capital v Corbo and.. Read More

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