Saturday - 19 July, 2008

International agendas 

WTO and EU ... 

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Friday - 11 July, 2008

Innovation Scorecard 

The Commonwealth Department of Innovation Industry, Science and Research has published an Intellectual Property Scorecard 2002 - 2006.

There are a wealth of interesting statistics to ponder ...

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Thursday - 03 July, 2008

Confidential Information 

Yesterday's Age reported on a former GSK executive's victory in a court action brought by GSK alleging he had started up a competing business using GSK's confidential information - Pain relief for scientist who took on tall poppy.

The case itself is GlaxoSmithKline Australia Pty Ltd v Ritchie & Anor [2008] VSC 164 ...

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Monday - 30 June, 2008

IP in China 

The IP Dragon has teamed up with Duncan Bucknell Company and now brings us an article on "How to prevent and act upon intellectual property rights infringements in China" ...

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Saturday - 21 June, 2008

Patent and trade mark attorneys 

There are new requirements to qualify as a patent attorney, or a trade mark attorney; new CLE requirements; and a revamp to Crimes and Punishments ...

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Sunday - 18 May, 2008

Down Under on top of IP 

Dr Francis Gurry has been nominated by the Co-ordination Committee for the position of Director General of WIPO.

The nomination goes forward for election by the General Assembly in September.... 

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Friday - 11 April, 2008

Sorry 2

Presumably, as part of efforts to implement Sorry in a meaningful way, IP Australia has adopted a Reconciliation Action Plan (pdf), which has been officially endorsed by Reconciliation Australia...

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Friday - 04 April, 2008


 Linklaters' latest edition of their EU IP update is online here.

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Thursday - 28 February, 2008

Innovation review 

Back in January, the new Government announced an innovation review (see below).

Now, it has published the consultation dates or stakeholder meetings ... 

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Tuesday - 12 February, 2008

Linklaters' IP Update

is online now ... 

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Tuesday - 12 February, 2008

IPSANZ talk on regulatory changes for Patent and Trade Mark attorneys in Melbourne

 Wednesday 27 Feb at 1.00pm (light lunch from 12.20 pm)

Speakers from the Professional Standards Board ...

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Thursday - 31 January, 2008

New Director General

Philip Noonan has been appointed the new Director General of IP Australia, following the resignation of Dr Heath ... 

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Friday - 07 December, 2007

Oz Biotech Business

The Departments of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research and of Resources, Energy and Tourism have published  Biotechnology Business Indicators November 2007, which amongst other things includes statistics about market capitalisation, clinical trial announcements and approvals and patents granted ...

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Tuesday - 20 November, 2007

Internet and social media 

"Larry" Lessig on the end of the world as IP owners know it or "How creativity is being strangled by the law" ...

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Monday - 05 November, 2007

Director General resigns 

After 8 years, the Director General of IP Australia, Dr Ian Heath, has announced his resignation.

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Saturday - 11 August, 2007

The Impact of Australia's R & D concessions 

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources has published a study of how firms perceive the Government's R & D tax assistance programs affect their R & D decisions ...

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Wednesday - 08 August, 2007

Linklaters Intellectual Property News 

The August edition of Linklaters' Intellectual Property News is online ...

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Wednesday - 23 May, 2007

Australian Government IP Principles

The Commonwealth Government has adopted a set of "Intellectual Property Principles for Australian Government agencies".

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Tuesday - 22 May, 2007

Australia and the Singapore Treaty and the Patent Law Treaty

IP Australia has issued a public consultation notice as the Government is considering whether or not Australia should join the Singapore Treaty on the Law of Trademarks, the Patent Law Treaty (PLT) and various machinery treaties related to WIPO ...

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Tuesday - 24 April, 2007

Regulatory regimes for patent and trade mark attorneys

IP Australia has published two Position Papers on how it will implement the Government responses to the Regulatory Regime for patent and trade mark attorneys and the Disciplinary Regime for Patent and Trade Mark attorneys.

Required reading if you are either a patent attorney or a trade mark attorney (or a teacher of classes for the professional qualification as a patent attorney or a trade mark attorney.

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