Saturday - 19 July, 2008

Innovators and entrepreneurs

Joshua Gans says he has been teaching this case study to his MBA students ... 

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Tuesday - 15 April, 2008


Did you know there was an Australian Office of Nanotechnology?

It has a strategy which commenced in July 2007

Key initiatives within the strategy are:

* a state-of-the-art atomic force microscope for the National Measurement Institute (NMI) to provide new calibration service for nanoscale standards in Australia;

* a Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Working Group to coordinate regulatory issues relating to nanotechnology; and

* a Public Awareness and Engagement Program.

You can find out more about the Office and the Strategy ... 

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Monday - 17 March, 2008

Click-wrap agreements and consent 

 nic.suzor has a couple of interesting posts exploring the different ramifications for enforceability of shrink-wrap and click-wrap agreements:

if clicking on "I Agree" is characterised as signing the contract, it looks like you will be stuck with all the terms but, if it is "just" conduct leading to an inference of acceptance, then the ticket cases may apply and the "vendor" may have to show that it has taken reasonable steps to bring specific "surprising" clauses to your attention ...

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Tuesday - 16 October, 2007

RFID chip implants 

In 2004, the US FDA approved an RFID tag for use in humans. 

RFID = radio frequency identification device and has lots of applications in security and tracking.

California has now passed a law prohibiting employers from implanting the devices in their employees ...

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Friday - 30 March, 2007

Working Better

Dennis Kennedy, amongst other things, blogs on how we could be using technology better to practise law.

Recently, he had a number of posts on document assembly technology (including a link to a wonderful online demonstration of the potential) and things you can do with Firefox to assist in surfing the web more easily ...

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Wednesday - 24 May, 2006

The New World of Work

Well, that's what Bill Gates calls it.

Dennis Kennedy has a link to Bill Gates' thoughts on where technology will be in 10 years' time and some of his own thoughts ...

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Friday - 10 March, 2006

What to do about meta data?

via Between Lawyers, link to a massive collection of links about meta data and lawyers ...

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Wednesday - 25 January, 2006

Word, metadata and pdfs

If you just asked "What is meta data?" or thought "I'll just convert my Word document to a pdf", you should read on.

But, if you don't believe me, ask yourself how you would feel (or, worse, what could happen to your client's interests or your PI) if the "other side" could look at that nice clean final document you just sent them and ascertain what bits you deleted from an earlier draft or added in at the last minute ...

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Tuesday - 25 October, 2005

iTunes Music Store DownUnder

As Matt Swinn kindly points out in his note, after all the whining I've done about not being able to buy some music online from an iTunes Music Store ...

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Thursday - 13 October, 2005

Living on a desert island

If you're into technology you have probably heard about the new generation iPods and you must certainly have come across all the bleating about no iTunes Music Store in Australia, but did you hear about iTunes 6.0 released at the same time as the new iPods ...

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Thursday - 29 September, 2005

More on (f)EULAs

FEULAs I hear you ask? Ed Foster over at The Gripe Log (in the USA) has started a very interesting project - a model Fair End User Licence Agreement but matters don't end there ...

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Wednesday - 28 September, 2005

Where's your IT at?

Dennis Kennedy is trying to get you interested in 4th Generation legal technology ...

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Tuesday - 16 August, 2005

Perhaps you should have a tablet, not a laptop

For the positive side of what you can do, see 4 Tips for Improving Tasks at Work.

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Friday - 29 July, 2005

How to use Word?

I do use Word as I have lots of clients who like to play lets swap electronic documents and (1) you put things in so that we can take them out and (2) we'll put things in so that you can take them out but, more than that, it is also a very good, albeit very complicated, word processor.

Want some tips on how to make some of its features work (or use it better)?

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Saturday - 18 June, 2005


Ed Foster's Gripelog brings us news of a very fishy EULA indeed.

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Thursday - 26 May, 2005

Way cooooool!

You know how a search in Austlii for a defined term (like party's name or "balance of convenience") brings up those strange URLs with % and "search" etc. and, worse, every occurrence of the term in the text of the case is Bold and surrounded by annoying arrows? Wouldn't it be cool if you could click a button and you could get a plain, vanilla display that you could print off and hand up in court?

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Friday - 20 May, 2005

A2K: (Access to Knowledge)

On 9 May 2005, the Consumer Project on Technology ( has released a draft Treaty on Access to Knowledge.

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Sunday - 15 May, 2005

RSS feeds and tabbed browsing

I've been asked a few times now, what is RSS?

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Wednesday - 11 May, 2005


Ever had one of those frustrating experiences where the people on the other end of the telephone conference are looking a document and you think you're looking at the same document, but it turns out your not or you're looking at the wrong page or they make a change to it and you wish you could see what they've written?

Turns out, you can.

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