Sports highlights and 'magazine' television programs 

The New Zealand High Court has reportedly granted an interlocutory injunction restraining Sky TV from broadcasting highlights of the Rugby World Cup in "magazine" style shows. However ... 

Sky, which did not secure the broadcast rights to the Rugby World Cup, will be permitted to show up to two minutes of match footage three times a day as part of news programs through "fair dealing" rights.

News reports here and here.

A little bit more background here.

The Sky representative is reported as saying that Sky wins in the long term as it has the "the lion's share" of sports broadcasting rights and will be scrutinising the conduct of the (so far) successful plaintiff much more closely in future.

The decision is in line with an English decision in BBC v BSB, and leaves Telstra v Premier Media Group out on an increasingly lonely limb.

So far as I am aware, the judgment is not on line yet.

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