Google video filter 

In an effort to combat the deluge of copyright litigation against it and YouTube brought by some movie production houses, Google has unveiled a new video filtering technology that will enable copyright owners to track and block unauthorised posts ...

See Elise Ackerman Google releases video filtering system and YouTube Video Identification Beta.

Some degree of scepticism at eWeek and BusinessWeek and Mashable (Lid dipd for these links to Marty Schwimmer).

In the US, the music industry has finally been granted injunctions against Streamcast, the third defendant in the Grokster litigation, and interestingly enough that injunction allows Streamcast to keep operating as long as filtering is in place.  See John Healy 'Morpheus loses, but not badly' with a copy of the opinion here.

In Australia, as you will recall, in the KaZaa litigation, Wilcox J imposed an injunction which would have permitted the file sharing system to continue to operate if a filtering system were in place (see para. 5) of the orders.

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