Moral rights and structures 

The "Calatrava" bridge in Bilbao ...

So, Santiago Calatrava, the designer of that bridge has sued Bilbao because it has added an extension designed by another architect, a Mr Arata Isozaki, "on to" his structure.

Patry outlines the dispute, with claims varying from Euros250,000 to 3,000,000 and a lot of helpful links, here

Of course, unlike the Americans who decided to have only part of part of the optional moral rights under the Berne Convention, we couldn't take Patry's pragmatic approach to such matters here.  We have signed up to the full throttle version of Continental spiritualism.  For example s 193, 195AC and 195AI (don't forget to look at the succeeding sections to those provisions which explain in detail and plain English the content of those broad principles).

Of course, if someone here inflicted on Mr Calatrava (or another person of artistic bent) some similar indignity. the accused would have some leeway to mount a defence of reasonableness or, if they were particularly well advised, the accused could have invoked the bureaucratic paradise that is s 195AT - presumably (3).

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