WIPO's copyright agenda

WIPO's Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights met earlier this month, 10 -12 March ...

There continued to be no agreement over a proposed treaty on broadcaster's rights or the performances in audiovisual works, but there are new items on the agenda:

1) a Chilean proposal to improve exceptions and limitations to copyright

2) an EU proposal for resale royalties

3) an EU proposal relating to collective management

4) and EU proposal relating to orphan works; and

5) an EU proposal relating to applicable law ...

There was dark muttering about the EU proposals being intended to distract attention from the exceptions and limitations proposals.

Apparently, the US supported 3 of the EU proposals, but not resale royalties.  Meanwhile, the Copyright Society reports the new Rudd Labor Gaovernment has announced that Australia will introduce resale royalties.

Orphan works would be something worth dealing with properly and, let's face it, in the Internet age sorting out whose permission is necessary could only make the electrons flow more readily.  Anyone compared the measly offerings on Apple TV in Australia compared to the centre of the Universe?

Intellectual Property Watch reports from WIPO here, here and here.  

The Copyright Society's page with details of its seminar on a resale right and links to the ALP's policy.

WIPO's home page for the SCCR and some links to various prelimary papers from here.

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