Waterloo or Austerlitz? 

The Government has tabled the Attorney-General's Department Review into sections 47J and 110AA of the Copyright Act - the private copying exceptions for photographs and films.

Conclusion: no change yet; but the Department is to remain in consultation with owners and users to see whether the new business models based on "managed copies" emerge ... 

On balance, the Report notes that those advocating change, either to broaden the exception or to narrow, had not provided empirical evidence to support their claims.

The Report also contains some indications that the complex operations of the exceptions, or the ownership rights of those who commission photographs for private or domestic purposes (i.e. photographs of your wedding - unless, perhaps, you're a celebrity selling the rights to the Women's Weepy or No Idea) are not well understood by the ordinary punter in the street.  

What to do?  Aha! There should be a re-examination of public awareness material and consumer information so that users understand their rights better.

Report here (pdf) (Word link from here).  Attorney-General's Press Release.

It remains to be seen, therefore, whether the Copyright Owners have met (on roll-back at least) their Waterloo (or, for those of you of a certain age) or they find themselves in the position of the Austrians and Russians after Austerlitz (obscure but unnecessary hint).

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