Wednesday - 30 July, 2008

Domain name disputes in Australia 

Mark Bender, at Monash University, has written about domain name disputes in Australia ... 

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Monday - 30 June, 2008

Domain name policy 

Professor Manara has a link to Gretchen Olive's piece in Managing IP 10 Steps to an effective domain name policy ...

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Wednesday - 02 April, 2008

WIPO UDRP review 

WIPO has published its review of the operation of the UDRP for 2007 ... 

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Tuesday - 11 March, 2008

Domain name searching/comparing

Prof. Manara reports on Ofido which lets you compare prices, and to some extent, features when you are trying to register a domain name ...

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Friday - 07 March, 2008

Risks in bringing a UDRP complaint 

Apart from the obvious "egg on face" risk of losing and the terrifying sanction of being found to be a reverse domain name hijacker, Circle ID argues that in some cases bringing a speculative UDRP complaint against a UK citizen who registered a domain name through a UK based registrar may expose the complainant and its lawyers to actions in the UK:

(1) for malicious defamation; and/or

(2) for unjustified threats of trade mark infringement ...

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Tuesday - 05 February, 2008 

An arbitrator under the UK (Nominet's) private dispute resolution service has awarded the domain name to "MySpace" even though the registrant had registered the domain name in 1997 - many years before MySpace came into existence ...

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Friday - 25 January, 2008

Domain name book and conference

In association with the much anticipated launch of David Lindsay's book on International Domain Name Law, Monash Uni. is holding a seminar on Domain Name Law and Regulation ...

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Wednesday - 21 November, 2007

Domain names and typosquatting 

McAfee has an interesting study on typosquatting, which it concludes is on the rise, and a stylised representation of why it pays ... 

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Wednesday - 14 November, 2007

Domain names and the Coase theorem 

In an online "conversation" of blogs, the Freakeconomist, Steve Levitt, and the MBS' Prof. Gans explore the the application of the Coase theorem to the allocation (or rather ownership) of domain names ...

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Monday - 15 October, 2007

Domain name resources 

Marty Schwimmer at the Trademark Blog and Prof. Manara at Domain Name/Nom de Domaine! have links to some interesting domain name resources ...

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Monday - 17 September, 2007


The art or science (or in some cases verging on holding up to ransom) of giving up your day job and making a living buying and selling domain names.

The aptly named Domain Predator provides an extensive "how to" ...

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Friday - 31 August, 2007

Searching for typosquatters 

Patently-O has found a search engine which helps you track typosquatters on your domain name ...

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Thursday - 26 July, 2007

Are new TLDs just another wealth transfer vehicle? 

CircleID reports that there are about 16% active .eu domain names, now we are more than a year after the launch of .eu.  By comparison, .ie has 57% active domain names ... 

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Thursday - 17 August, 2006

You cannot convert a domain name Down Under

or, for that matter, a range of internet protocol addresses or and "autonomous" system number.

Puns intended.

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Thursday - 04 May, 2006

Stats on domain names

All the 2 and 3 letter combinations in .com have already been registered. As of 28 March, there were still 97,786 4 letter combinations available ...

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Wednesday - 19 April, 2006

.mobi sunrise

The latest new gTLD (i.e. little sister to .com, .org, .biz et al) .mobi is about to go into the sunrise registration period ...

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Monday - 03 April, 2006

Tesco in a Million

Tesco has successfully sued Elogicom in the UK for registering a range of domain names like <>.

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Friday - 10 March, 2006

What to pay for a domain name

via Nom de Domaine, a link to all reported domain name sales over US$10,000 in 2005 ...

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Saturday - 28 January, 2006

WIPO report on UDRP for 2005

WIPO has released a short summary of its UDRP-related activities for 2005.

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Wednesday - 25 January, 2006

via Domain Name/Nom de Domain, AICTEC has issued a discussion paper on proposals to update the policies governing the administration of

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