Landmarks in Australian IP

Dr Emmerson QC (who surely needs no introduction) is going to launch the new book edited by Andrew Kenyon, Megan Richardson and Sam Ricketson – all professors well known to you on 25 March 2009.

Chapters include:

  1. Potter v Broken Hill: misuse of precedent in cross-border IP litigation by Richard Garnett;
  2. The Union Label case: an early Australian IP story by Sam Ricketson; 
  3. RPM for RPM: National Phonograph Company of Australia v Menck by (Hon.) Peter Heerey and Nicole Malone; 
  4. Horses and the law: the enduring legacy of Victoria Park Racing by Jill McKeough; 
  5. We have never been modern: the High Court’s decision in National Research Development Corporation v Commissioner of Patents by Stephen Hubicki and Brad Sherman; 
  6. Of vice-chancellors and authors: UNSW v Moorhouse by Sam Ricketson and David Catterns; 
  7. Foster v Mountford: cultural confidentiality in a changing Australia Christoph Antons; 
  8. Cadbury Schweppes v Pub Squash: what is all the fizz about? by Mark Davison; 
  9. The Firmagroup case: trigger for designs law reform by Janice Luck; 
  10. Larger than life in the Australian cinema: Pacific Dunlop v Hogan by Megan Richardson; 
  11. O Fortuna! On the vagaries of litigation and the story of musical debasement in Australia by Elizabeth Adeney; 
  12. The protection of At the Waterhole by John Bulun Bulun: Aboriginal art and the recognition of private and communal rights by Colin Golvan; 
  13. The grapes of wrath: geographical indications, international trade and the Coonawarra case by Matthew Rimmer; 
  14. Waiting for the ‘Billy’® to boil: the Waltzing Matilda case by Leanne Wiseman and Matthew Hall; 
  15. The Panel case by Melissa de Zwart.

and what IP nerd could ask for more to read as the dark cold nights of winter peek over the horizon?

Details of the launch here.

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