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Sir Gustav Nossal marked World Pneumonia Day by reporting on the roll-out of pneumococcal vaccine to 16 developing countries, which had been developed using an alternative to the traditional marketing approach.

The surprising thing here is that patients in developing countries are getting access to the vaccine at pretty much the same time as those in the developed world. According to Sir Gustav, this has been achieved by a group of donors, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, or the GAVI Alliance, creating an Advance Marketing Commitment.

According to Sir Gustav:

The Pneumococcal AMC was a pilot program, in which donors committed funds to guarantee the price of vaccines once they were developed. These financial commitments provided vaccine manufacturers with the incentive they needed to invest in research and development and to expand manufacturing capacity. In exchange, companies signed a legally binding commitment to provide the vaccines at a price affordable to developing countries.

By concluding supply agreements at a ceiling price, the AMC reduced market uncertainty, allowing manufacturers to supply vaccines at lower prices. ….

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Sir Gustav Nossal

GAVI Alliance

AMC here and here

World Pneumonia Day

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