Happy birthday to me

well, IPwars really.

Yes, six years ago today IPwars started rearranging electrons in the interstices of the interwebs (as some of our American cousins call them).

It’s rather hard to work out vital statistics since then as, for 4 years, IPwars was generated by the (now defunct) iBlog software before moving to WordPress.

It does seem that ‘Sounds Different’ was the burning issue that attracted the very first report. Understanding about that elusive concept, trade mark usage, has become sufficiently well understood in the intervening years that it was the subject of the ‘trade marks session’ at this year’s IPSANZ Annual Conference.

I (or perhaps that should be you) blame Marty Schwimmer, at the Trademark blog, Denise Howell and the others at (then) Between Lawyers, for inspiring me to venture into cyberspace.

Then, to those of you out there who read the posts, sometimes send my your own comments even occasionally become so outrageous as to post them publicly, thank you.

Happy birthday to me