Looking for a (copyright related) job?

The NSW Department of Education is looking for someone who:

will lead negotiations on behalf of the TAFE sector in respect of statutory copyright collecting agencies Copyright Agency and Screenrights and other voluntary agreements as appropriate with other collecting societies.

The Manager will also support the National Copyright Director to provide specialist copyright advice to the school and TAFE sector, and implement smart copying initiatives in Schools and TAFEs.

If you think this might be you, find out more here.

Resale Royalty Right in Australia

The 1709 Blog has a report about the operation of the resale royalty right scheme (here or here) given by the (then) Minister for the Arts to the Senate.

Some highlights:

  • since the scheme started in 2011, CAL (the official collecting agency) has paid out just over $805,000
  • 150 “rights holders” (I guess that would be painters or their heirs) have received the top 600 payments which totalled just under $300,000
  • 59% of the payments went to indigenous artists; of which there were 301 payments of the top 600 payments going to 91 “right holders”
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