Free trade Dream Time

Australia has entered into Free Trade Agreements (1) with NZ and ASEAN and (2) with Chile.

ASEAN as a bloc is apparently our largest trading partner.

Chapter 13 deals with Intellectual Property. Various fact sheets, e.g. Pharmaceuticals, deal with our exports or imports thereto.

Minister Crean’s press releases here and here.

AANZFTA here and chapter 13 here; Australian guide with links to all sorts of things. Trade overview. The words “may” and “shall endeavour to” feature quite a lot in Chapter 13.

Australia-Chile FTA index and chapter 17 (IP) here.

Hey, our 12 month grace period for filing patents will work in Chile, see art. 17.22! Can’t spot a corresponding provision in the AANZFTA? Also, to facilitate domain name dispute resolution, Chile has agreed to adopt an UDRP-style dispute resolution process for its cc.TLD (assuming it doesn’t already have one, of course).

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