Madrid Protocol users

Apparently those of you out there doing Madrid Protocol filings are grumbling with discontent.

IPKat reports on the LinkedIn user group breakfast at INTA and the formation of a lobby group to get things done.

The group is a moderated Google group so you have to apply via email to join. Go direct here or, if you’re unfamiliar with Google groups (you will need to sign up for a “free” Google account) IPKat has the email details here.

Madrid system and ‘foreign’ trade marks in the USA

So, you’re not a USA-based trade mark owner and you’ve got your “trademark” registered in the US through the Madrid system.  That means you don’t have to worry about all those annoying requirements actually to use the trade mark there, doesn’t it?

Well, no.

Saunders & Silverstein  lay out all the pitfalls that you are going to have to hurdle here.

Lid dip to the Kat with the plummy accent.

Simulating Madrid

WIPO has established an online simulator for Madrid system trade mark applications.

As it’s name suggests, it steps you through the various stages of making an application to obtain protection abroad.  It includes a fee calculator (presumably of the official fees).

Try it out here.

Lid dip, Marty.