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Patents: IP Litigation in the Pharma Industry talk and Patenting by Entrepreneurs survey

Prof. Joel Bernstein from UWA and Ben Gurion University and Todd Shand, a partner at Wrays, will be giving a free seminar for IPRIA, IPTA and Knowledge Commercialisation Australia on:

The Importance of Patents:

IP Litigation in the Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Adelaide on 4 August
  • Melbourne on 5 August
  • Sydney on 6 August.

Flyer here; online registration here.

Not specifically pharma related, but Professor Robert Merges and Pamela Samuelson have been posting a three part series reporting on the results of their survey of entrepreneurs Patenting by Entrepreneurs: The Berkeley Patent Survey: Part I, Part II and Part III.

Pharmaceutical patents

The European Commission has published its preliminary report into its inquiry into the state of competition in the pharmaceutical industry in the EU – comment and links via IPKat.

The IPKat also has links to what they describe as “the powerful speech” delivered by Sir Robin Jacob (aka Jacob LJ) in the Commission’s public meeting on the issue.

Meanwhile, the developing countries are developing a proposal which envisages greater involvement of WHO; see here, while there are also reports of the Director General of the WTO appearing to acknowledge some significance to the issue.

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